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May I burn the man at home this year,
and finally become a full participant….

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Activism 101

Opinions are incomplete decisions.
 Complete them. Claim satisfaction.

An Activist's Guide
like no other.
For those dead set on
changing ourselves.


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Heal your social infections. Detox your life one bad habit at a time. Stop picking at semantic acne and poking the gut rolls of others’ inconsistencies. If you were happy with yourself they would not matter.

Get real with wonder. Whatever you are complaining about or righteously right about is devouring you. It distracts you from the all-important truth that you are tenderly alive, and could be in awe and ecstasy, if you lived wisely.

Sober up: You are going to die, and there are things you want to do here. This ravishing world craves your touch; a touch the touchscreen of your phone does not appreciate and will never return. Explore life with your ears, skin and nose.

Refuse the studied grin your reflection offers. Make honesty with yourself your committed self-care. Give yourself a new face, whose truth you wear well, and whose candid, fertile smile excites you.

Peel off the prophylactics of control and indifference. Shiver with sensitivity. Pull out of your habits and the manageable but sterile personalities they support. Quit pretending familiar ways of doing things are good enough.

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