Resolution — Manifesto

This is the moment we have all been waiting for; the moment when we reknit our communities by agreeing on important goals, working towards them together, and reorganizing civilization. This is the moment when we dethrone the rogue institutions currently configuring our experience though deception and violence, and step up as protectors and caretakers of our world. This is the moment when we recognize our needs for healthy and harmonious ecology and economy, for a safe and supportive society, and for meritocracy and equal opportunity, and envision and install distributed decision-making systems that universally provide them.

Civilization seems to be out of control. It is certainly out of our control, but is more and more tightly controlled by aggressive groups that have driven it for thousands of years; driven it for their profit at the expense of Earth’s detriment and incalculable suffering. Their greed is the endless hole of disconnection from self, Earth, and others; a woundedness which turns to controlling the external when the internal is too uncomfortable to call home. Their greed is madness, but madness with a method: remote control of people and resources.

Civilization is a system of domesticating humans; a system perfected since ancient times, in which primitive technologies of hunting, herding, and ranching are applied to us. Its goals are covert, its methods expertly refined and consistently updated; perfected through the ages, like those of animal husbandry, to be more efficaciously and less apparently coercive.

Our environment is organized by and around dishonest institutions with public goals and private agendas. Science is applied to the study of our organism, measuring our bodies, behavior, and perception; for the purpose of creating systems which direct and constrain us. Technology is applied to developing practical mechanisms of remote control, increasingly invisible, intrusive, and inescapable; for the purpose of reducing us to robots. Creative talents are applied to manufacturing a global, corporate culture served as an emotional surrogate for real life; a free-access amusement park in which to amuse ourselves to death.

Corporate-dominated civilized culture is the cunningly alluring virtual reality that swallows souls and divests us of will. It fascinates us with spectacles that touch us covertly; exercising a power that intrigues and entraps us. It overwhelms us with data and details which complicate and obscure clear paths of action. It inseminates us with illusions we nourish as our reality.

Its theme is ego. Its trap is self-distraction and self-destruction through schizoid identification with self-image and self-narrative; disowning body and feelings, love for ourselves, for those in our lives, and for our beautiful natural home. Its bait is escape from the sorrows and struggles associated with those loves, in favor of safe, stable, anesthetic stories of self and life.

Corporate news and entertainment are two flavors of the same harmful candy; ongoing advertisements for a specific corporate-positive perspective and distribution of choice; rendering invisible a global system of predation and layered slavery. Our virtual reality is curated and edited, funneled and filtered by media franchises whose purpose is to passivize, disassociate, and disempower those who engage with it.

We domesticated humanimals are slaves; imprisoned in ideas and images, narratives and vocabularies. We have absorbed a synthetic environment with embedded structures teaching us how to behave and what to react to. Other options have been omitted or erased from our menus. Metabolizing the imagery, definitions, plots, and roles presented to us by our edutainment and mapping them in our nervous and hormonal systems as reality has installed a conditioned perception/response matrix in our bodies which governs our perception, conception, and action.

We are owned indirectly by what we have been taught is real and relevant; socialized to be avoidant, passionless, trivial, and innocuous; cute, smart, funny, and sexy. We are endlessly encouraged to check ourselves in the mirror of self-image, and to trade real human relationships and loyalties for fantasy templates. Matching culturally appropriate roles, plots, characters, and narratives are celebrated as success; aligning our perspectives and actions within the safe zone of social submission is the unnamed but pervasively modeled path to it.

A deliberate system of duality structures our perception and choices. We navigate a semantic map of good-versus-bad and us-versus-them, oblivious to the religion installed in us. It is a flexible map target marketed to each demographic. We imagine ourselves as members of a genre, a subculture, and are subsumed in its manufactured mythology. We imagine we are morally and socially correct when abandoning the experience of ourselves for the story of ourselves; one aligned with the roles, rules, and narratives we have learned to recognize and participate in.

Civilization’s underlying cultural program is installing duality through autism; perceiving oneself as most important; being unable to empathize or communicate with others, or share perspcctives. Its programming is coherent in making conversion to the cult of self seem sane and sensical. Divide and conquer is its method: The world is divided and colonized by national identity. The community is divided and colonized by family identity. The family is divided and colonized by generational identity. The marriage is divided and colonized by gender identity. The individual is divided and colonized by ego identity. A single well-crafted wedge, self-importance, encouraged by a corporate culture incessantly promoting egotism and identity politics, splits us off from everyone and everything.

Unifying is the remedy. Hard as it may seem to sit down, shut up, and observe our own thoughts, feelings, and impulses, now is the time. Hard as it may seem to get up, go outside of our ideas, and interact with others through cooperative service, now is the time. Hard as it may seem to put down duality, imagining others as bad, stupid, and rude, and ourselves as good, smart, and nice, now is the time.

Understanding and having compassion for one-in-other connects us with the parts of ourselves we have abandoned, rejected, and avoided. Sharing is alchemy. Dealing with difficult people respectfully, meeting with no agenda to change them or teach them anything, focusing on accepting, understanding, and appreciating them, heals inner wounds and the distance between us.

A civilization based on deception and violence is ending. One based on needs and service is arising. This is a manual for resolution; an activist’s guide to civilization. Use it well. Identify and unbuild the terror installed in you and be an inspiration to us all.

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