Indulge Your Intelligence

Indulge your intelligence. Let it run naked and curious through every room of your life, handling and investigating whatever it wants. Encourage it to play. Celebrate its creativity. Watch it dissolve into imagining then return speaking secrets.

Ask your awareness to guide and command you. Listen to it. Let it have its way. Hear its excitement about growing, its insistence on vividness, and its hunger to explore more of this life. Balk at routines and unconscious rituals. Smash wine glasses of conventions on the ground and stomp on them.

Thrill and exult in being a thinker. Get up on slack lines of thought above canyons of possibilities. Step out where your beliefs and stories do not protect you. Take off your definitions and feel the elements enliven your surface. Walk across fear into infinity.

Enjoy the impacts that destroy your illusions. Smile as you survive your doubts and falls. Wear your scars like jewelry. Gladly pay in blood and skin to escape what constrains you.

Flirt with awareness. Date opportunities for growing uninhibited. Find romance in all situations that feel joyful and freeing. Engage with living. Forge an ecstatic marriage with passionate interacting.

Deactivate inhibitions by methodically pursuing pleasure. Notice when what feels good to you is good for you. Exalt yourself. Receive rewards for exercising preferences. Let “Yes!” unlock you.

Increase your voltage. Let the sparks of your happiness kindle relationships with people and interests that bring you alive. Play at your edge. Fuel excitement with uncertainty. Devote yourself to bubbling and being born.

Rouse your sleeping parts. Desperately desire to know more of yourself. Daringly pursue activities that reveal you.

Attend to what you are presently choosing. Switch off autopilot. Stop defaulting and deferring. Choose a flight plan. Choose destinations.

Adopt a holy terror of compulsive thinking and the dissociative numbness it installs. Heal the paralysis and isolation of excessive contemplation. Choose action, contact, sensation, and connection.

Tend your conceptions. Weed out invasive ideas and sterile beliefs. Throw simplistic explanations, convenient prejudices, and dysfunctional assumptions on the compost heap. Know and choose what you are growing.

Map the ratios of your rationality, the extent of their truth, and what they are protecting. Notice how they filter your experience. Recognize them as the slats of your blinds and the bars of your cage. Carefully remove them. Release the tender animal within.

Try on ideas carefully. Demand they fit well and encourage motion. Shun uniforms and the armies in which they induct you.

Throw your familiar thoughts away. Get new ones. Wear them until the holes in their soles allow Earth to touch you. Repeat. Repeat until you prefer bare feet.

Update your operating system. Reconfigure your firewall of opinions. Change your menu items, access codes, and passwords so that you cannot be hacked.

Calculate the interest you pay on your opinions. Write them off as bad debt. Reinvest the power used in defending them.

Recognize thinking is a tuning process. Realize your thoughts are not you. Retire the narrator. Want no story about it.

Take off the riot gear of ideas protecting you from others. Witness everything avidly. Accept all that life presents.

Stop bullying with facts. Regard anger as a way of threatening violence and arguing as a way of injuring into submission. Mature. Avoid coercing or harming others with insensitive force. Replace arguing with discussing. Like people more than ideas.

Handle beliefs gently. Value your companions and their perspectives and insights. Build relationships of sincere appreciation. Be a presence in which both expressing and taking off ideas, opinions, and beliefs is safe.

Make connecting well the goal of discussing. Purge yourself of wanting to be right. Replace wanting-to-win with wanting-to-learn.

Want to learn. Give up being a dictator, porn star, expert, or messiah. Share the stage. Play in a band. Dilate awareness to include others’ contributions. Jam responsively and follow the flow.

Make interacting enjoyable. Encourage trust. Detect, defuse, and deconstruct divisive assumptions. Identify and activate resources. Instigate play.

Reassess your mental furniture. Identify the comfy couch of convenient interpretations that is your personal prison cell. Notice that being smugly inert is ugly. Experiment with being innocently alert.

Engage and expand. Go outside. Activate and participate.

Witness entertainment killing you minute by minute by arresting you in passivity. Break arrest. Quit consuming packaged experience. Shake off the sedative of vicarious feelings. Escape with your life.

Personalize your existence. Refuse to be generic. Differentiate yourself from your accessories. Evacuate your favorite social sector. Terminate the sleepwalking genre zombie.

Demonstrate your loyalty to becoming. Demand your own life; an exciting life; with personal relationships. Claim it. Make it happen. Do it yourself.

Remove and discard all filters of conception processing your perception. Play life unplugged, without noise or feedback. Listen closely. Master harmony before amplifying.

Refresh your consciousness. Close your eyes. Luxuriate in silence. Align with nature. Sit in the sun with your naked feet on Earth and connect with everything. Recognize your natural resonance and the patterns you shed to access it.

Realize culture is a program that programs you. Identify the non-native code operating in your body and delete it permanently. Refuse to assign processing power to virus-triggered operations: Sing no insipid songs. Worship no questionable celebrities. Recite no directive definitions. Insist on more and better.

Make celebrities of the people around you. Pick heroes worthy of attention. Sing your own songs. Give popular tunes your own words. Write your own dictionary. Honor your unique understandings and expressions.

Navigate corporate culture warily. Doubt every potential purchase. Sniff freebies. Recall that all traps have bait. Remember that whatever you are presently choosing is consuming your units of living. Remember that everything you use uses you.

Master cultural economics. Build a positive balance. Produce more than you consume.

Abandon your social hologram and the feedback it triggers. Stop snacking on the junk food of others’ reactions.

Find nourishing direct experience. Feed your skin, ears, and eyes organically. Avoid artificial stimulants and digital fillers. Know what you are feeding on and what it is feeding.

Notice what you feel. Listen to your inner voice and everything it whispers. Hold it close. Give it your full, loving attention.

Improvise. Rewrite culture’s code in every interaction. Speak, move, and touch in ways that unlock energy. Delight in the creativity arising in you. Revel in the identity evoked by participating in nature’s primary pattern: creating.

Love people. Use things. Realize that people can love you back, and let them. Reconfigure relationships and attachments in ways that empower and excite you.

Assure that what you own inspires you. Own your relationships. Liberate yourself from possession. Realize what you own owns you.

Maximize effect. Identify your spectrum of influence and subdomain of sovereignty. Command yourself. Judiciously rule the kingdom of one.

Find opportunities in every situation. Judge nothing. Enjoy everything. Install this disposition and invigorate your interactions.

Ask your cunning to help you exceed yourself. Let it use you. Let it improvise with your attention, emotion, action, and manners so that a new you is constantly forming. Do things you cannot explain. Increase your enjoyment by surprising yourself.

Give up on appearances. Devalue the desire to appear successful, attractive, smart, cute, or funny. Elude characterization. Stoke your mystery. Inhabit your own character and insist on being known and revered as the full-spectrum experience you are.

Decline checks of flattery and projections. Refuse to cash them with emotional responses. Treat others’ stories about you as puzzling and nonsensical. Shield yourself with strategic bemusement.

Obliterate duality. Stop answering to “You.” Stop telling and defending the story of “You.” Inhabit your presence and interact with those who meet it.

Bring the experience of you forward and let the story of you recede. Lose track of what “I” thinks, feels, and does. Become shy about it. Silently unify with activity and regain volitional momentum.

Give up on being liked and thought well of. Create a personality you like and think well of; one precise, spacious, and flexible enough to transmit all your feelings as action. Trust that it will be enough. Use it consistently till you are convinced it is.

Trust the primal power in you; indifferent to all audiences; creating for its own joy. Be elemental. Let nature rage through you in storms.

Learn from your experience. Dispassionately assess the success of your behaviors. Write a user’s guide to yourself. Use it. Redirect, rearrange, and refine your life.

Discard every behavior your intelligence says is stupid. Identify, target, and produce desired results. Pride yourself on the swiftness with which you drop bad habits; including pride.

Notice what is working well today. Invert strategies to their opposites if productive.

Examine your mechanisms. Understand, accept, optimize, and improve. Recognize exaggerated self-perceptions as compensations. Dig out their roots.

Drop every coarse behavior. Drop every cheap shot and easy A. Make matching and validating others’ bad habits the bad habit you commit to ending.

Give up on being loud, vacant, and acceptable. Give compulsive behavior no significance. Let it shatter in the equanimity of your witnessing. Use dispassionate response as an opportunity for rest.

Recognize when you are smugly meeting social expectations and drop it like a disease. Be vulnerably sincere. Give something valuable to every interaction. Crave to hear your own authentic voice.

Get out of the business of trading in comparatives. Get into the pleasure of experiencing directly. Disentangle from adjectives and nouns. Think and live in verbs.

Experience divinity directly. Make space and poise in which to witness the silent knowing which pervades all things gracefully moving through you.

Rapturously observe abstract patterns. Participate in the anonymous joy of awareness and corroborate its independence from variables of identity.

Cultivate a sense of beauty. Develop an elegant functionality of which engineers, mathematicians, and physicists would be proud.

Act poetically. Gather force in silence. Let words and impulses collect in you until they explode like thunder.

Stand sentry against inertia, fatigue, and entropy. Refuse to collapse into compromise. Make rigorous intentionality your religion. Practice impeccable aesthetic hygiene. Keep your life pristine of mediocrity and complacency.

Use death as a reference. Make decisions based on the unpredictable amount of time you have left in this body and the certainty of it ending.

Monitor your momentum in every activity. Ask two questions: “Would I continue to do this, in this way, if it were the last thing I get to do before dying?” and “If the people with whom I am dealing were to die in front of me, would I care enough about them to bury their bodies?” Revise engaging in activities and relationships appropriately.

Create an index of how much you care about what. Act accordingly. Set goals and achieve them. Choose how you spend this life.

Reclaim your experience. Measure the opportunities lost by deferring to habitual routines, social norms, others’ apparent preferences, unconscious emotional behaviors, and conventional ways of perceiving and acting. Do things differently. Do something new. Realize choosing feels powerful.

Map your dysfunctional behaviors and the situations that trigger them. Implement alternatives as if your life depends on it. Realize it does. Redeploy attention, emotion, and action to evince your most vibrant self.

Keep a balance book of “presently choosing.” After participating in events, enter how you feel, indicating a deposit or withdrawal. Commit to building equity. Avoid the tragedy of choosing to waste your life.

Make choosing your standard of living. Make attending, emoting, and acting your currencies. Spend in ways that ignite you to spend more.

Set boundaries that serve you. Disentangle from others’ opinions and approval. Interact constructively with others by clearly defining what you accept from them. Develop a healthy “No.”

Activate your authority. Speak in commands. Need no supplemental evidence qualifying your experience or explaining your choices. Honor the intelligence moving through you by obeying it immediately and acting decisively.

Complete the grand adventure of discovering and knowing yourself. Create a great work that marks the world indelibly and reveals you flagrantly. Embody and resonate your great work. Be a moving presence.

Perform for your own entertainment. Be a dancer of consciousness against a backdrop of stars. Insist that the genius within you is expressed.